Bunjee Jump

“Those who don’t jump will never fly”, said a wise man.

The stunning scenery in Nepal makes it a fantastic location for bungee jumping. Anyone can experience the true adventure of bungee jumping in Nepal by plummeting from great heights in real and natural landscapes. It will be fascinating to view the surroundings at the bungee jumping spot. Bungee jumping is among the most popular extreme sports and is accessible practically everywhere in the world. The most important aspect of bungee jumping is having the confidence to do it.  There are safety precautions should be taken as well. Bungee jumping is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with cardiac conditions, overweight, people with injuries, or those who have high blood pressure.

If you’ve got the guts, it’s the greatest thrill you will experience and memories stay forever. Now that you are fully prepared, so why not make the leap that will alter the way you view life? If so, stop looking around and start making your plans for Nepal right away!

Kushma Bunjee, started by CliffNepal, is the second-highest, and most well-known bungee jumping spot...

Experience Pokhara’s 70-meter-high bungee jump, which is only 15 minutes drive from Lakeside. The...

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